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Which is the most prestigious university in Australia? A typical Indian student searches for Australian universities ranking, university of Melbourne, top 20 universities in Australia university of Australia, universities in Australia for masters, top 10 universities in Australia as the words typed in search engine.

Their parents also inquire if for which Masters Australia is the best? What is the best Australian university? Australia? Is Australia an ideal location for Masters? Which is the best university for international students to study in Australia?

Our response, regardless of rank is the same since each student’s profile differs, and the selection of subjects will be different, and the selection of an Australian university and the ranking it receives will differ. In addition to offering a top-quality education, the country also provides many scholarships to international students as well as excellent living conditions and is an open and diverse society. These factors contribute to a perfect situation for those looking to pursue an MS or MS degrees in Australia.

1.) Australian National University (ANU)

Average tuition of $26,122

Faculty to student ratio 6:1.

Average Boarding of $13,396

Graduation rate 81 percent

Average salary: $68,500

In terms of rankings for universities when it comes to rankings for universities, ANU is ranked among the top universities. Australian National University (ANU) is ranked 20th worldwide. It is located in the capital of Australia, Canberra, and is definitely among the most prestigious universities that offer MS within Australia. ANU has the distinction of being the only university established in The Parliament of Australia. Students from overseas require close to AU$41,280 to get an MS degree at ANU.

2.) University of Melbourne

The top institutions to study MS in Australia

The University of Melbourne has made notable achievements to scientists by way of research as well as teaching, learning and research.

Average tuition of $26,496

Ratio of faculty to students 12:1.

Average boarding cost: $20,294

Graduation rate Graduation rate: 88 Graduation rate: 88.

Average Salary: varies from course to course

With a rank of 41 in the internationally ranked QS ranking, Melbourne University is one of the top educational institutions around the globe. Melbourne University has over around 12,000 students from all over the world, so you’ll be able to meet fellow students from all over of the world as you work towards an MS degree. The price for an MS program ranges from AU$36192 to $59,667.

3.) University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Average tuition $27,028

Ratio of faculty to students 9:1

Average board 16892

Graduation rate 80 percent

Average salary: $108,000

The University of New South Wales has been able to climb several positions to attain the 45th position in the world. The university holds the record of having millions of dollars more than every other institution in Australia. UNSW has formed partnerships with more than 200 other universities across the world and is aiming at becoming “Australia’s world-class university” in 2025. The cost for international students ranges between AU$35280 and AU$47k040.

4.) The University of Queensland (UQ)

A group of students who are studying with complete focus and determination.

UQ has developed the Global Strategy where it aims to be the most global interconnected university within Australia

Average tuition $11,568

Ratio of faculty to students 9:1.

Average boarding: $14,422.

Graduation rate 72 percent

Average salary: $114,000

The University of Queensland (UQ) has risen in the world university rankings and currently sits at 47th. The university is located in Brisbane UQ is part of a group of research-intensive universities known as The Group of Eight. UQ can also be a center in medical research. The cost of master’s degrees ranges between 28.700 dollars to AU $47,100.

5.) University of Sydney

Average tuition: $24,783.

Ratio of faculty to students 11:1.

Average boarding cost: $13,597

Graduation rate 83 Graduation rate: 83.

Average salary: $95,500

The University of Sydney is one of the oldest universities in Australia. It was established in 1850. The university is now home to sixty thousand students per semester. It is ranked among the most prestigious 50 universities in the world. The tuition cost for a master’s degree varies between AU$40,000 to AU $46,500.

6) Monash University

The university is famous for its research excellence in Health Sciences

Average tuition of $27,735

Ratio of faculty to students 1:11.

Average boarding cost: $14,950

Graduation rate 79 Percentage of graduates

Average salary: $98,000

Monash University now ranks as the top 60 university worldwide. Although the university is situated in Melbourne however, it also has many international campuses outside of Australia. Monash University also has a campus in Malaysia in addition to other campuses located in international cities such as Italy, India, and China. The typical cost for an MS degree is between AU$31,500 and 43,400 AU.

7.) The University of Western Australia (UWA)

Average tuition of $40,300

Ratio of faculty to students 19:1.

Average Boarding cost: $13,153

Graduation rate Graduation rate: 68 percent

Average salary: $95,500

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is able to crack the top 100 and is currently in the 93rd position. It offers high-quality instruction to over 24,000 students in nine faculties. The cost to enroll in an MS program is between AU$31600 and $49,000.

8.)  The University of Adelaide

Average tuition of $30,402

Ratio of faculty to students 21:1.

Average board cost: $14,187

Graduation rate 68 Percent

Average salary: $73,500

The University of Adelaide is located in the state of South Australia. It is ranked 109th among the top universities in the world. It is also a part of the Group of Eight and contributes significantly in the group’s research. The school has around 25,000 of its students, and provides excellent MS programs for students. The typical cost of an MS degree ranges from $34,000-$46,000.

9.) University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)

IELTS test

UTS is an exciting and innovating university that is located in the midst of Sydney, Australia

Average tuition: $13,784.

Ratio of faculty and students 13:1.

Average boardingcost: $15,793.

Graduation rate 77 Graduation rate: 77.7%

Average salary: $85,500

It is believed that the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) is ranked 176th among the top universities around the globe. Although it is a tech-focused institution there are excellent faculties that deal with non-technological subjects such as nursing, sports as well as art and design and law. The typical cost to earn an MS degree is between AU$31,050 and 39,920 AU$.

10.) University of Newcastle

Average tuition: $22,954.

Ratio of Faculty to Students 21:1.

Average boarding cost: $9,600

Graduation rate 78 percent

Average salary: $47,500

The university is ranked 224th among the thousands of universities in the world and the University of Newcastle (UON) is definitely one of the top Australian universities. The university has programs specifically designed for nursing mining engineering, architecture as well as sociology. The price of an MS degree is ranging from AU$30,855 to 36,535 dollars.

Other top universities that offer MS that offer MS degrees in Australia are The University of Wollongong, Macquarie University, Queensland University of Technology as well as RMIT University.

Which option should I pick?

To determine this, you must first choose the type of course you’re most interested in. Do you wish to pursue the natural sciences, the arts engineering, economics or the humanities? When you’ve determined that you want to study, you can select the program you want to study. While doing this ensure that you’re eligible to be considered for the program.

After you’ve chosen the program you’ll apply for, you’re now ready to study for the basic tests. In the meantime I would suggest that you begin collecting all the documents that you’ll need to submit your application.

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