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TOEFL Reading Question Types

  • Factual Information and Negative Factual Information: Factual information question structure aims at the main ideas, supporting facts, and definitions. Negative factual information questions are mostly similar with the only difference in identifying the single false answer from the list of 4. Note the words ‘NOT’ and ‘EXCEPT’ while answering negative factual information questions.
  • Inference and Rhetorical: The inference questions of the TOEFL exam pattern in India and syllabus of reading direct at explaining identifying the ambiguous statement of the passage. Inference questions can be identified by seeing words like ‘INFERRED’, ‘IMPLIES’, and ‘ SUGGESTS’. Rhetorical purpose questions are highly similar with the only difference of answering the question ‘WHY’, thereby stating the purpose.
  • Recognizing Vocabulary: Probably the easiest to answer, vocabulary questions in the TOEFL latest pattern of reading require the candidates to find and answer the meanings of certain highlighted words in the passage.
  • Sentence Explanation: these kinds of questions in the TOEFL pattern of reading require the candidates to identify the difference in very similar sentences and choose the one explained in a more simplified manner.
  • Insert Text: This type of reading questions aim at analyzing the logical placement of ideas in a particular reading passage. There is one insert text question in all the reading passages.
  • Prose Summary: This kind of question in the TOEFL question pattern of reading requires the candidates to recognize the main ideas and significance of the reading passage. There are 6 answer choices with 3 correct ones.


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