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PSW Post study work in UK

You are an international student and want to know about PSW Post study work in UK 2021? Then read on to know more about PSW Post study work in UK. Recently the UK government that changes rules for international students ‘Graduate route’ especially for the graduate work visa in Britain. This is the first thing post Brexit of the UK government has done for tapping the international talent and then absorbed him in a competitive UK job market, creating more opportunities in the UK higher education market. The UK graduate route is available from 2021 summer and applies for all international students seeking higher education in UK who can tap the potential to stay and  work in UK after the degree. This is a tremendous scope for international students to make UK as a launch platform for their international career. Policy wise this is a level playing ground, designed by UK government to showcase Britain as a higher education destination market and address the skill shortages issues in UK.  So your first question as international student regarding UK PSW who can apply for UK graduate route? Let’s unfold the key facts about PSW in 2021 UK.

  • PSW Post study work in UK is available to all the international grads who are eligible to apply for UK HEI (higher education institute).
  • It allows the graduates to stay in the UK to look for work, for up to two years after the completion of their course.
  • It is unsponsored which means the applicants passing out need not have a job offer necessarily and can look for jobs in small, medium, large enterprises in Britain.
  • There’s no minimum salary requirement

It can be concluded that for an international student who has acquired a Masters degree has a strong future in shaping the career path in UK. This is a good time to start for international students in UK post pandemic, post Brexit, to contribute to the British economy. And PSW Post study work in UK  is a game changer as the recruiters projecting around 86% of companies to recruit at pre pandemic levels. We help international students, with further support and guidance for PSW Post study work in UK. Simply create an account in www.stunited.org



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