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IELTS Test Centres FAQs

Need to learn more about the IELTS Test Centres in India? Read the IELTS test centres FAQs frequently asked questions and understand the nuances of the exam in a better way.

Q. Which are the best coaching centers for the IELTS exam?

A. You can check out the list of top IELTS coaching centers in India here

Q. How to check the IELTS test venue available or not a few days before the IELTS test?

A. Check the official IELTS website (IDP or British Council) for any last-minute updates. Also, check your email two days before the test date. The email will confirm about IELTS test venue or it can also contain information if there is any last-minute change.

Q. How to change the IELTS test center in India?

A. Candidates can request for cancelation or postponement of the IELTS test before 5 weeks of the test date through email or in-person only. Cancellation or postponement of IELTS test done through the phone will not be accepted.

Q. How can I cancel or postpone the IELTS test in India?

A. Candidates can cancel or postpone the IELTS exam in person or through email. Cancellation cannot be done via telephone.

If a candidate cancel or postpone the exam more than 5 weeks before the test date, then they will receive a refund of less than 25% of the administrative fee

If you cancel the exam less than 5 weeks before the IELTS test date you will not receive any refund

Also, if you do not attempt the IELTS exam then you will not receive any refund

Q. Do I need to attempt all the sections in one day?

A. The Listening, Reading, and Writing tests of IELTS take place on the test day. However, the IELTS speaking test can be held either 7 days before or after the test date depending on the conditions of the test centre.

Q. Can I take the IELTS test in any other country?

A. Candidate can take the IELTS test in another country with certain conditions. They need a passport or National Identity Card for registration. In case of a different identity document inform the test centre or you will not be allowed to take the exam or refund as well.

Q. Can I attempt the IELTS test anywhere?

A. IELTS test is conducted in more than 100 countries it is best to take the IELTS exam in your Indian city.

Q. Does the IELTS test accept American English?

A. Yes! It is an international test, during the IELTS Speaking test examiners speak in an Australian or English accent. For writing, candidates must choose either US or UK English and maintain consistency throughout.

Q. How many times one can take the IELTS test?

A. There is no limit to giving the IELTS exam. One can take the exam as many times as you want, however, every time you need to pay a registration fee for taking the test.

Q. What is the validity of the IELTS score?

A. IELTS scores are valid for a period of 2 years.

Q. If I take IELTS twice or multiple times, which scores I am allowed to use?

A. You are free to use the test where you scored the highest as long as the scores are valid. IELTS score is valid for 2 years.

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