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How to write attention grabbing Summary in a resume

How to write attention grabbing Summary in a resume? Vast experience in handling thousands of resumes, have led us to a conclusion. Your resume summary replaces your application letter, as any HR manager would scan less than 6 seconds per resume. Therefore, a precise compact summary statement makes a profound impact on the recruiter at the beginning of the resume.

The purpose of a summary statement is to give a brief overview of your skills and experience. It is more of a value add to what you offer, in few lines. Summary statements can be a complete waste of space as well, mind you, or they can be a source for transformative power to your resume. It is all based on how you position your summary statement and construct the content for your summary statement in your resume.

Steps for writing excellent summary in resume:

1)ASK yourself if the summary statement is subjective and broad, or specific and concise.

A ‘summary statement’ in a resume should never be subjective, for example –

“I am a high achieving, top performing, with excellent communication skills all throughout my life.”

A summary statement should be specific and concise, for example –

“I am a MBA specializing in operations and supplychain, with 15+ years of experience in an ecommerce firm.”


2)ASK if background/experience has a long history, or a short one:

Summary statements can be great for professionals with years of experience. It helps to quickly summarize their extensive resume,. However, for those with less experience or background, it is best to leave the summary out in the resume. Instead move to next section ‘description of jobs’.


3). ANALYSE as if you are a reader-

Check if few lines in summary statement of resume states years of domain/sector experience, achievements, links education, that makes you and your work (in past) stand out.


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