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How to crack Cruise Career Opportunities


Everyone loves the glamourous job of cruising! However building a career in cruise liner is not easy, as it needs careful career planning. How to crack Cruise Career Opportunities in India. You might be wondering how to get a cruise ship job. You need a magic touch to get a cruise ship job, right? The good news is there are a lot of jobs on offer in the cruise industry. A large cruise ship employs thousands of crew both male crew in cruise and female crew in cruise. Infact, the HR data on luxury ships shows the statistics that employee to employer ration, can be as high as one crew member for every one or two passengers. So you might be thinking ‘How do i chose cruise Industry Career Paths?’

The first step towards choosing a cruise career is to know which skills are needed or which are the skills . This will lead to the first step for getting a job on a cruise ship. So as a cruise career job applicant, make a checklist of your skills. List down all the job experience that is in demand in cruise ships. This homework on career planning for cruise jobs is an important step, as a candidate you can understand what is needed to get into cruise job profiles, your own SWOT analysis and your preparation journey towards cruise careers. Remember that cruise ships are virtually floating hotels or cities that means they are huge in terms of multiple operations, decks, departments and services offered to cruise passengers. In a nutshell the cruise job profile has many things that are in common with the hospitality sector. Therefore calling all those who have worked in restaurants, bars or hotels, this is one of the main way to be considered for cruise ship job hiring. Crew from within or from the other ships, often fill some of the more specialised roles — such as in the activities team or guest services at managerial level — but you may find a cruise job position in the day spa or gym with general skillset.

Familiarise yourself with cruise line recruitment agencies is the second step. Remember that all the cruise lines recruit through recruitment agencies. Therefore find the appropriate cruise job agency who conducts HR first round for cruise jobs like initial screening and the first round of cruise ship job interviews. If you are a dancer for cruise ship or singer for a cruise ship, be sure to have your CV up to date and perhaps a video of your work.

Permanent crew positions in cruise liner, may be headhunted from the hospitality HR recruitment firms, and entertainment industries, as well as the fitness, beauty, hairdressing, and massage sectors. People from different countries will either find the cruise pay scale lower — such as Asia, Eastern Europe and South America — usually fill the vacancies of restaurant waiter job in cruise ship, housekeeping job in cruise ship and cabin stewards job in cruise ship. Once accepted by the cruise ship HR agent, you will begin to receive alerts about cruise ship job vacancies. These trips may be as short as a week, or several months long. The agent will charge a daily rate for the length of the cruise. They will be the intermediaries between the cruise line and yourself, and all queries, changes and negotiations in cruise job offers, will need to go through them. Permanent crew in cruise ships receive a wage (often quite low by Western standards), but accommodation, food and of course the cruising are free. Depending on your role onboard, your roster might not allow much free time to leave the ship and explore each port the ship visits. So you have read about ‘How to crack Cruise Career Opportunities.’ 

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