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Career Counselling in Higher Education in India

In the context of career counselling in Higher Education in India every parent and student seem to be at the crossroads what is the best option for my son or my daughter’s career going forward. This is an important turning point and a decision that can change the course of a student’s life. What are the career opportunities available for students who completed Board exams in India? What would you suggest after Class 12, the choice of degrees, plan A or plan B for the higher studies?

After completion of Class 12 Board examination in India, there are plenty of options that any Indian student can explore. You need Career Counselling in Higher Education in India, carefully crafted guidance that is aligning student interest and parent’s wishes, or even look at the education or job market trends.

Choosing between higher studies after Class 12 is tough as it is a new world, the school and college difference brings an emotion of leaving the old memories and entering a bigger institution with more students and courses. Selecting a UG undergraduate course, is purely a personal choice as there are a lot of factors, influencing the final choice of the University course.

The general rule is that any Indian Class 12 student wants to maintain the flow of studying, is likely to continue with the same subjects or choose subjects, that have fetched highest marks in Board examinations in India. It denotes the ability of the class 12 student, to be proficient in terms of learning and synthesizing knowledge in the high school. However, study and job are different dimensions of career, and again student interest in higher studies in specific subject also matters a lot. Career Counselling in Higher Education in India fits in this area closing the gap of academic and employability factor, i.e. if I do this course will I get a job in India?  In order to find out the advantages, disadvantages Career Counselling in Higher Education in India is needed preferable at class X in school and Career Counselling in Higher Education in India for class XII students is most vital. It guides the student to choose the right path that is going to be the future career and related to job for the student. Every career counselling and guidance output is based on available options, strength of the high school student in courses. It is therefore very difficult to choose what course to study after class 12, as different student has different aspirations. Their goals in life or dream career is different, while at time they score more in subjects that they are not interested to study at all. Career Counselling in Higher Education in India resolves dilemma in students. Only the brilliant and families with strong financial background should go for higher studies in UK or higher studies in USA, higher studies in EU, or higher studies in Australia. Master’s degree is a specialisation where student narrow down a subject in any field in the University, with focussed approach of study. Whether that course in Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree will be beneficial for their future career or job requires professional guidance from Career Counselling experts. Preferable Career Counselling experts from Psychology are the best judge of student temperament assessment, career assessor and future goal setter for the student.  Career Counselling also needs to think about academics leading to career or job advancements etc. Getting a Master’s degree immediately or very soon after graduation will be easier than leaving the job. Therefore the best career planners and mentors do not rush, but offers Career Counselling in Higher Education with a thoughtful purpose and scientific reason. Once you are in a job, you cannot go back to class 10, or class 12 stages, hence seeking best guidance from Career Counselling in Higher Education on time is necessary. India is a populous country, therefore competition exists at every stage of career. Get Career Counselling in Higher Education help near you, yes now e-counselling or online career counselling in India is easy simply using smartphone.

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