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Best 15 Australian Universities in Accounting & Finance

Do you know which are the best 15 Australian Universities in Accounting & Finance? In EduhelpCentral study abroad experts and foreign university admission agents in India, we have often come across as higher education aspirants ask these questions Which accounting course is best? Is accountants in demand in Australia? Is it worth it to study accounting in Australia? Which course is most demanding in Australia?

Why will you study accounting in Australia

Accountancy is vital as it affords updates on the financial health of the agency. It advises the company of the progress and dangerous problems that want to be addressed. A Bachelor of Accounting diploma can cause a huge range of careers. While commonly such graduates turn out to be accountants or auditors (internal or otherwise), there are many possibilities. The accountant designation itself breaks down into numerous sorts: public accountant, management/corporate accountant, authorities accountant, chartered accountants (can be in personal or public exercise), forensic accountant and CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant).

If you’re looking to pursue a career as an accountant and gain membership with an expert accreditation body which include CPA, you might keep in mind completing an undergraduate diploma majoring in accounting. However, some grads choose to feature to the attempt and earn a grasp’s diploma. There also are extra optional certifications for accountants, consisting of CA (Chartered Accountant) or ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). As for careers aside from accountant or auditor for graduates of a bachelor’s diploma in accounting, a few require additional certification (educational and/or professional).

Here is the list of best 15 Australian Universities in Accounting & Finance given below-

No. University QS World
1. The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) 11
2. The University of Melbourne 14
3. The University of Sydney 20
4. The Australian National University (ANU) 23
5. Monash University 26
6. The University of Queensland (UQ) 39
7. Macquarie University 51-100
8. The University of Adelaide 51-100
9. The University of Western Australia (UWA) 51-100
10. University of Technology Sydney (UTS) 51-100
11. Deakin University 51-100
12. Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 101-150
13. RMIT University 101-150
14. University South Australia (UniSA) 101-150
15. Curtin University 151-200

Undergraduates  Accounting Degree in Australia

 The following list is the list of Undergraduates  Accounting Degree in Australia. Accounting-related degrees as students from India seek affordable Australian Universities offering Bachelor degree programs. This includes bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, including Minors in Accounting or a related area of study like finance degree in Australian university, as well any suitable bachelor’s program which either leads to a career as an accountant in Australia, auditor career in Australia with the accounting course tuition fees in Australia for top 15 accounting universities in Australia.

University Area Annual Fee
in AUD
  University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) NSW $39,360
  Monash University VIC $39,100
  Australian National University CAN $39,024
  University of Sydney NSW $38,500
  University of Melbourne VIC $36,832
  University of Queensland QLD $36,336
  University of Western Australia WA $36,000
  University of Adelaide SA $35,500
  Macquarie University NSW $34,726
  Bond University QLD $33,640
  University of Technology Sydney NSW $31,560
  Deakin University VIC $30,800
  University of Canberra CAN $30,450
  Curtin University NSW, WA $30,000
  RMIT University VIC $28,800


Indian students seeking Accounting degree in Australia should be aware:

Accounting degree in Australia program fees for neighbourhood college students can be exceptional. While all care has been taken to make certain their accuracy please consult your faculty in your full price liability earlier than starting up your utility.

So the above article on best 15 Australian Universities in Accounting & Finance has been written for study abroad aspirants. 

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