Why I am not able to progress in my career:

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June 4, 2022
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Why I am not able to progress in my career:

Why I am not able to progress in my career


I did not go to a good college or University

I have not made the right contacts for first job

I had made a wrong specialisation

Colleagues in office are holding back secrets from I

I am not in the right place at the right time


Main reason why I are not able to progress in Ir career is that:


I waste time on social media and watching Netflix

I can’t give up spending time with friends and bonding over intoxicants

I don’t get enough sleep and don’t eat healthily and I am always low on energy

I can’t keep upskilling with new skill for a job

I can’t get productive work done every day

REMEMBER – Good results come with consistency, with repetition until you succeed.


If I want to build muscles, I will redo the reps.

If I want to build my personal brand, write my logbook/journal every day.

If I want to sell, generate leads, and reach out and be ok with rejection.

If I want to quit job, I need to save enough money, invest right and earn freedom for myself.

Most people think I just got lucky because I was at the right place at the right time. That’s because people do not want to see behind the scenes. They don’t want to see the consistent work output that I have been doing.


My friends or my batchmates are critical and toxic, I don’t want to see them my pain, I went through, when I faced multiple rejections.  I have not faced success from multiple employers and various clients. Because if they know that, then they will realize that I am worthless person, and they will be ashamed  stopping them from achieving success is themselves.


I might think: “I can’t leave this, I can’t leave that.”


But without sacrifice it is true, I cannot achieve anything in my career.


Sacrifice in whatever form, from not going to play with my friends during school, sacrifice during the adolescent chats with my friends, or sacrifice after work to learn new upskilling course or a foreign language. I can for what I want the most.  I need to be less lazy, less friendly and more diplomatic thinking about my career. I need, the best career counselling near to me..

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