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August 26, 2018
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August 30, 2018

Website analytics Services for Indian educational institutions


Indian educational institutions needs to review the website in order to understand that digital identity of the visible brand online. Website analytics Services for Indian educational institutions. You team of professors, the course content can be qualitatively good, however, your educational organisation in Indian market also needs to stand out digitally. The question is how to become visible to search engines online and what needs to be done. The website analytics is a method which is ideal technique that needs to be used. Online search engines have a particular method of operating as it indexes between millions of webpages floating in the digital platform. Search engine algorithms are programmed to detect the best sites which have the right content. The university website which have right mix of key words, pictures tagged, appearing in multiple places in social media is found as the most popular site. These depend on complex combination of principles and factors and therefore the task to make the website to reach to page one of Google search helps to attract more visitors. Therefore, website analytics is a technique that is used in online world, to reach a rank as per the Google algorithm. It consists of a mix of SEO and a content audit, SEO based processes.

Firstly, the EDUHELPCENTRAL SEO experts analyze your existing educational website and all data connected to online visibility, generate initial ranking reports and understand the social signals. This is documented and a baseline report is generated for understanding where your university ranks in the online world. Post analysis, we redesign the website content, analyse website links, the placement of academic key words in webpage, the density of key words in each university webpage. This helps to sketch a tentative plan-of-action in order to tailor the website ranking improvement for the project concerned. The more number of pages in your website, or interlinking of multiple websites of your educational institution, the more analytics is needed. We also conduct your competitors keyword analysis. We make sure there is no copied content, place the words in header, body and footer appropriately to enable the search engines to rank the newly designed website.

Over the years, in EDUHELPCENTRAL our association with different industry sectors, we found Google based website ranking a series of experiments and skill is needed to excel in website page ranking.  Universities seeking the service of Search Engine Optimization, gets the power to be listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is similar to your educational brand image and performance in physical world. Therefore ranking  of Indian educational institutions college, university website for the internet users on the first page of Google is very crucial for visibility as it gives way to more searches, chances of more student applying for admission. Website analytics Services for Indian educational institutions.

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