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September 18, 2018
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Web development for students at very competitive rate for your dream start up business in India

At EduhelpCentral, we offer website building solutions to give shape to your business ideas. So if you are an existing SME in India, or a fresh passout student toying to venture into an IT startup, ecommerce startup, m-commerce startup, you are in safe hands. We began as an dotcom offering help to students, educational institutes, academic institutions to meet diverse needs. In order to build a website, EduhelpCentral have noticed primarily three things.

Functionalities – · What to you’d like to have.

Personalization –  How sophisticated it’s going to be.

Scale · How big is it going to be.

Please remember, the more the complex the business operations, more products, higher the number of customers, then the website building cost, is relatively high. In software industry like website development or mobile template development, scale of apps development, generally the prices are based on hourly rates. Here’s the approximate breakdown by geography:

There are a number of factors which go into the cost of design a website, from using a custom web design agency with freelancers to using a full-service design agency. We at EduhelpCentral offer the student community of India, relatively  cheaper websites in order to aid their dreams a touch of reality. We offer ecommerce websites, simple five pager websites, classified, tourism, vlogging, restaurant, handicraft, boutique websites. Along with that we can shoot high resolution 4k photographs, 4k videos for your product range, design your brand logo, secure website with SSL, offer cloud hosting, and synchronise with mobile apps.

( 1) EduhelpCentral software builds simple website with basic functionality, providing information about your business in online platform, link it with social media like Facebook, adding a blogging page and just giving you an “online presence.” You will get a landing or a Home page, an about us page, a Services/Products page, blog page, social media links embedded and a contact page with a form, dedicated website email. Such a 5-6 pager website develop costs somewhere between Rs 7000 – Rs 10,000 only, which is a valued offer for Indian start up companies. [You need to pay extra for SSL, website hosting, website name extra].


( 2 ) Complex websites which has multiple functions- It requires to use a database of products, services and/or dynamic content. In addition, though, you get a CMS-integrated design (like WordPress) which gives you an easier option for “logging in” and making changes to the content of the site at your convenience upload photos of products. Such a website costs somewhere between Rs 19,000 – 39,000. [You need to pay extra for SSL, website hosting, website name extra].

( 3 ) Pure eCommerce website with m-commerce feature – This is your dynamic resizing of screen, shopping cart-enabled site, with full service eCommerce functionality (upto 10,000 products) that allows  to add and update products, accept order and process payments. It starts from Rs40,000- Rs60,000 for international looks WordPress website which is inclusive of SSL, website hosting, website name extra.


EduhelpCentral has made websites for Indian academic institutions, universities, colleges and  is a full services web development company. We operate from India, with our client hailing from EU, US, East Asia. Our immense knowledge in all platforms and wide range of experience in website development for e-commerce, wordpress, joomla and drupal websites has helped start up companies to realise their dreams. For all Indian students, seeking cheap value for money website quotes, EduhelpCentral end to end guidance extends to finding a brand name for startup. We also offer you complete company registration process, market your website through social media marketing.

To know more about EduhelpCentral Webdevelopment for converting your dream to start a venture connect with Sandip at +91.8013000664, or simply  email us your business idea to get a call back at –

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