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September 18, 2018
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September 19, 2018

Tips to safeguard your new startup with trademark registration

You have started up with an internet based idea, and you find others are enquiring about your business model and processes deep down. If you want to use sleuth, it will not help you to stop from the other individual from steal your idea. So why not trademark your company brand.  A brand name actually constitutes a trademark which is your unique brand logo, tagline, colours and the shape of the logo. A brand name owned by an owner can keep it under the proprietorship. For this purpose, the startup company owner needs to get the brand registered. This brand name which is registered using a distinct logo or the symbol is then known as a trademark that is unique and only one of its kind. Brands in India is generally categorized into several categories and subcategories. You can easily find out the list of the brands available in the country based on the product types and/or the services they provide.

So what it is that you need to do, to establish your startup venture into a brand. First you need to be unique in your brand name that is not similar sounding and not used anywhere else before. EduhelpCentral recommends the following due diligence as a must process before you want to trademark your brand:

  1. It is advisable to conduct a thorough market survey. You can engage an investigating agency etc. to find out all throughout India, whether any identical similar logo or brand mark is used for the same class of goods, process by any other individual in the Indian market.
  2. EduhelpCentral recommends advises not to imitate another individual’s trade mark or any other company’s well known trademark even if it is very attractive to you, or the class of goods is different.
  3. Online Search method through the Indian records of Trade Marks Registrar is done to check with any existing trdemark with similar name.

How to proceed with your own trademark-

Application process:

After above preliminary due diligence process followed in Indian context, Trade Mark Registration in India can be filed with the Registrar of Trade Marks. The application can be filed in a website online and it can also be done offline by submitting at their office. A TM application in the prescribed format must be submitted which has the following information:

TMR India must include the following:

  1. A representation of the trade mark of your startup brand ;
  2. Nomination of the relevant classes
  3.  JPEG copy of Logo (if it is for Logo)
  4.  Font and other details in case of word (brand) mark;
  5. Description of the goods and/or services class to which it will apply; and
  6. A translation of any part of your mark that is another language.
  7.  Payment.


Please note that Indian Trade Mark Application for a start up business, is required to specify category of goods/services and is limited to the category of goods for which it is being used/applied. For example, if you have started an examination preparation tuition and examination test paper brand, register it for Trademark to increase your start-up venture identity. The class which is applicable for educational Trademark of your educational institute, or educational IT services is given below-

Class 41.”Education and Entertainment This class contains mainly services rendered by persons or institutions in the development of the mental faculties of persons or animals, as well as services intended to entertain or to engage the attention of others.”

Education field start-ups are witnessing huge growth and demand and if you think you want to venture and establish a branded company, Trade Mark is the right solution that you need. If you need help from anywhere in India, regarding the processing help, to establish your startup brand, with educational website, educational e-commerce, educational IT startup, we also offer to build websites with apps at affordable prices. You can call us right away   +91.8013000664, email us-, to fix a scheduled one to one appointment, or arrange one hour call back for guidance on end to end startup help to establish your Trade Mark brand with our expert Sandip.

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