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September 16, 2017
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August 18, 2018

Social media marketing for educational institutions

Social media marketing for educational institutions


Usage of internet has huge impact on the education sector. Social media marketing for educational institutions is powerful as majority of population in India, using the internet are the students ranging from Indian high schools, colleges/universities. The internet has become the key source of communication as  many students use it to find information about the academic courses, Indian universities, course fee structure, university infrastructure in each university. This trend is eternal as parents and students use internet as a medium to maximise time and information search about for education institute. Most common Google searches in education are – foreign education, entrance examination study material, scholarships, hostel accommodation etc., the users are using the internet as a platform to know more. Hence, it is clear that the Indian educational institutions should make their presence felt online to reach out to a wider audience. The Indian colleges, Indian state universities, Indian private universities or even central universities of India, therefore need to provide for all information online at one place, as websites serve as a single window platform to carry out multiple operations.

Indian education sector adds new batch of students every year. However, it is evident that not all Indian educational institutions, Indian state colleges promote about the college, do branding of the Indian educational institution. The principle aim to entice the Indian high school students to join the appropriate course in Bachelors degree course which requires them to showcase their faculty strength, university infrastructure, ranger of courses offered and placements achieved. Therefore, the best way to promote is to use digital marketing or more appropriately the social media marketing methods. Parents of the aspiring students want to have minute details of information about the College including the facilities, fee structure, curriculum, extracurricular activities, transportation, accommodation, and faculty quality to be available online. Official Website is the mirror image of every business in the online world. A official website should act as a face for the Indian educational institution, for all the queries that are probed by students, faculty and parents. Typically, the university name is followed by (.edu), or ( which signifies the education identity in online world. Therefore, the social media marketing of educational institution, a college, university would need to use social media platform plug-ins and engage social media channels to build a community to connect with the audience.

This is a new medium where transparency through social media translates to education marketing process and trust building in aspirants. In addition, there are a few colleges which are allowing people to fill the application online for admission. The queries of the parents are also answered online through webchat, email that indicates a shift from traditional process. Social media marketing of educational institution links the parents, students, teachers, on one common platform (social media) that creates a real time digital communication exchange process. Social media comments from existing students of education institute, and their parents influence the aspirant student community as they judge, gauge the pros and cons of every institution education. Therefore, using social media marketing online helps to influence final decisions of student admission and parents after gathering the data of each education institution official website. The social media comments helps them to  deciding on the college after reading reviews, rather than college telling them that they offer the best of education, accommodation and placements.


The importance to engage in SMM through Facebook for education institute, GoogleMaps for education institute, Blog for education institute, Twitter for education institute, Instagram for education institute, Youtube for education institute are increasing for education sector in India. We at EduhelpCentral offer comprehensive package to link your university website, linked to SMM for social media channels, create content (text, video) to engage the prospective students, create a fan base, attract students for admissions, make them visit campus on a given day.

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