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Topic Ideas


Urgent service for Business administration topics for Bachelors, Masters, PhD



Topic ideas and topic selection service for research work, leading to a dissertation or thesis in PhD Business administration contains finding the research gaps in the academic literature. We at EduhelpCentral also help in creating a valid problem statement, justifying the purpose for the study, and selecting an underlying Theoretical or Conceptual Framework to guide the study within a one pager ‘detail briefing’ for approval from University professor. The one pager detail briefing contains the research aims, research objectives and questions along with short literature review that shows the research gap. At the end of the one pager topic ideation meant for your professor approval are valid authentic references related to the topic. You can chat with us on a date and time for as low as £5/hr, and to take on your concerns to be cleared. Upon receiving payment, we will send a confirmation email for the chat.


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