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August 29, 2018
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September 18, 2018

Local listings and local SMM for Indian educational institutions

Local listings and local SMM for Indian educational institutions


Local SEO marketing for education institutions is now a need for Indian educational institutions for visibility in GoogleMaps attracting students, teaching faculty, corporate for recruitment. Let us understand what is ‘Local SEO’.

Local SEO for educational Institution:

When users search online to find local organisations, local services, locally produced items, then Google often shows a variety of search results based on the user’s location. Local Search Engine Optimization involves the user location based search results based on the advanced Google algorithm. Therefore, implementing strategies that will help promote your educational institution in India for local searches is important. Local SEO incorporates many strategies such as claiming your ‘Google My Business’, gaining reviews and building your Indian educational institution listings on the Indian website directories. As we look at local Search Engine Optimization process, we will learn what ‘local intent’ means, how Google displays your educational institution as a local business in Google maps, driving local traffic, showcase your academic courses online as local packs and carousels and what citations are.

By ‘Local intent’ Google is essentially trying to figure out, based on a student’s search term which is searched online. The Google search results will provide all the listings of all educational institutions listed in Google Maps near to candidate or a list of entities. Local intent can be inferred/implicit or explicit. For example, when students search for the term “MBA institutions in Kolkata,” Google returns search results for MBA institutions located near to Kolkata online user. Therefore all educational institutions conducting BBA in Kolkata, MBA in Kolkata is pulled up in Google search results automatically, without the user needing to type in ” MBA institutions in Kolkata,”. It is because Google infers that when students aspirants is searching for MBA institutions in Kolkata, they are most likely looking for an MBA institutions in Kolkata near to their house or where they are located. The location enabler in Google is key to user experience about Google search results, which is why Google returns nearest Google map results.

How digital marketing can help Indian educational institutions:

Digital marketing is the best method that can be adopted by Indian educational institutions & Indian private universities to reach out to prospective students within a specific catchment area. So,  online visibility of Indian education organisations is a must to attract the more students for various courses. Various kind of education preparatory coaching organisations like SSC, Bank PO, PMT, IAS , AFCAT, IELTS, CLAT, IIFT, CAT are competitive entrance examinations which is being offered by Indian educational institutions. Therefore more business lead generation using Google based internet marketing and the more powerful social media marketing in phase two. Our team based services are 100% result oriented, all round the year aiming to help your educational brand to attract students, or appear in top search for the companies at the time of placements. Local SEO marketing for education institutions works tremendously, if you can program it with GoogleMaps.

Why online marketing is essential for Education institutions?

Now a days every student is to make a career in different fields and education brand name that makes them successful in terms of seeking an employment. India is hub of education institutions where number of schools, collages, universities & education academy provide various courses. So students not are able to take decision that in which institute should they take admission for specific course. It is obvious the students search online for best educational and training courses. Google user based feedback is useful for the student higher education decision making process. It also obvious that students spend more time on the internet rather in front of other media including television. So local SEO marketing for education institutions investment attracts students for admissions. 

The prevalence of eWOM (electronic word of mouth) in the social media marketing like Facebook ad for education institutions are highly effective where 95% student available. The online world is also helping the parents and guardians to judge a school or University, based on its official website and social media that tells about student experience. The internet is today the most favoured channel for applying in Indian universities and making admission queries as most of the aspirant decisions is based on the Google feedback, online student reviews. Conversely, the outstation students rely heavily on the web for college admissions process, form download, print admit card, get results of entrance examination.

Therefore, the parents and students now consider web as the most convenient means for carrying out admission processes.

EduhelpCentral digital marketing strategies for the Indian educational institutions is therefore to create the following in your educational website embedding GoogleMaps:

SEO educational institutions : Social Engine Optimization for  educational institutions (First page rank on Google within the one month)

PPC for educational institutions: Pay Per Click for educational institutions(Google Adword management, Get 10/10 quality score & low biding management)

ORM for educational institutions: Online Reputation Management for educational institutions(Positive reviews, 5 star rating form people, recovery solutions, engage with more clients etc)

SMO for educational institutions: Social Media Optimization for educational institutions (Fan pages, likes , review)

SMM for educational institutions: Social Media Marketing for educational institutions (Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+ etc )

Local SEO marketing for education institutions works only if you focus on GoogleMaps. Call us for digital marketing campaign strategy for education institution.

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