How to write a professional summary in resume?

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January 13, 2021
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January 14, 2021

How to write a professional summary in resume?

How to write a professional summary in resume?

Think of your professional summary in resume as a teaser for the rest of your resume. In other words, you want your professional summary to contain all the most exciting parts of your resume.

How do you write professional summary in resume?

Write your professional summary in resume at the last stage. It’s surprisingly easy once you’ve already written other sections of your resume. All you have to do is cherry-pick the most impressive facts and stats.

• Change resume to a specific job vacancy:

Star with the job listing that made you apply for the job. Carefully re-read the advertisement, and find the most important keywords of the new job vacancy. These are the nouns or phrases that best describe the job position, related skills, as well as the ideal candidate. Before you begin to write your resume, think about how they intersect with your own skills and experiences. In this way, you also have a higher chance to get through the ATS systems which companies use. So change resume to a specific job vacancy now, or else ask us, we can help with resume writing.

• The first bullet point of your resume should describe your professional title:

Yes thats right. Don’t forget to add the number of years of experience in your resume. You want to communicate your professional identity immediately. You can also write it in bold. It can look something like this: “Certified Project Management Professional with over 4 years of experience”. Bullet point of your professional title in the resume emphasizes and summarizes taking the reader’s gaze to the lines below.

• Pick the 3-4 most impressive parts of your resume and reword them into snappy bullet points. Tease your potential employer into reading further. Did you win an award for the best customer service? Or hit 95 % of sales targets for five consecutive years? These are the things that deserve a mention at the top of your resume!

• Translate each achievement into numbers:

Each bullet point in your resume, should contain at least one piece of quantifiable data. Use percentages, numbers or impressive sales figures in relation to a function that you have held in the current profile or in the past. It gives the hiring manager to understand your objectivity towards a job description, and your performance. Translating achievement in quantification is a better idea of how you performed in your previous jobs. Numbers attract attention. Take advantage of this resume writing strategy.

  • Professional summary is summing up what you have to offer:

Instead of saying what you want, keep in mind what the HR manager want. Make clear what value can you offer to the company. Look for common threads in your work history, align them, and for skills which apply most to the job. All of the above sums up the professional summary in resume.

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