What is internship, industry tours, industry visits is all about?

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    MBA internships are one of the highlights of a 2-year Full time MBA program in Indian universities, Indian MBA institutes and also abroad MBA Graduate degree programs. Many students who take them for granted risk losing out on some excellent takeaways from their summer internship. Think about it this way. You are fortunate enough to get a with the opportunity to intern for your dream job in a dream company. Why wouldn’t you want to grab it?

    So let us understand what is internship, industry tours, industry visits is all about?

    Academic programs like BBA, MBA, BTech, BE tend to be fairly theoretical for the most part, but when it comes to application the courses offer internship, industry tours, industry visits. An MBA internship allows students to break away from the classroom case studies, lectures and seminars of the MBA institute to enter  the corporate world. It tries to link the theory to the application phase, where any industry based problem or issue is being discussed. The involvement of BBA, MBA students in the industry chapter through industry outreach programme helps to link some of the theories, models and  concepts they’ve learnt in the business school classroom. The objective is to solve the industry issues in real time, with research hypothesis outlook with a primary research methodology. This entails either surveying or interviewing the respondents identified for the industry based topic with variables affecting each other. The internship, industry tours, industry visits requires students to submit one copy in company and the other copy  to the MBA institute with presentation of their findings at both places. They head back into the regular classroom to finish the rest of the MBA program which is the second year as internship, industry tours, industry visits is usually held in between first and second year gap.

    MBA internship lasts typically 2+/- months. The actual duration would depend on whether you are joining a pre-defined internship program (generally happens at MNCs, Listed Indian companies on stock exchange, which have predefined and structured approach to summer training. Often summer internships is  a one-off / ad-hoc project that has been created for you based on the company’s immediate needs. There are instances where trimester MBA programmes often allow students to interact with end term projects for each module. So there are MBA students who have completed multiple (smaller) internships within the allotted time-frame.

    The kind of companies offer MBA internship programs can be varied and it can be from industry sectors like – Management consulting , BFSI,  Investment banking / Private equity, IT/ITES – Technology , FMCG firms, media companies.

    What work will you do as a summer intern?

    Finance internship example: Infosys recruits interns for the finance manager role to track and analyse business metrics, create financial models for evaluating investments. This can be also DataAnalytics from IBM, or quality improvement in B2B customer satisfaction framework.

    Marketing internship example – HUL  offered assistant brand manager internships to work on real branding projects for Ponds (female) or Cinthol  soaps (males) , executing product launches, doing market survey, acquire competitor company roles and working on partnerships with creative teams, or understand challenges in distribution team.

    Consulting internship example: Accenture offers 8-12 week long internships in management consulting. And the most interesting part is global companies need top of the class talent to solve their industry related business problems.

    So most of the times, students keep in on asking that how to get an MBA internship?  There are essentially two ways to get MBAinternships.

    1. You choose from the list of internship opportunities who knock your MBA institute or MBA university campus with domain area in which they want candidates along with numbers. This is usually put up in your institute notice board available through the careers team/industry outreach team. For the interesting ones, there might be a competitive process among the interested students, and company has a filtering process to select right candidate.
    1. You may not see your dream company coming to campus to offer you the role that you want. In that case, why don’t you can reach out to companies.

    Are summer internships graded?

    Yes, though it can be a lot of fun and all that action might give you the feeling that you are back in the real world, it’s still a part of your MBA program. Your internship mentor would be called upon by the MBA school to provide an evaluation about your performance, while much of this depends on how you have performed in the project report submitted. Apart from this, you may be expected to submit a report or a mini-thesis based on the work you did during the MBA internship period. The takeaways is the first brush in corporate world as theories from book seem to differ in reality. Your task is to get the job done with flying colours and internship report matters the most. WHY? If you are able to create an impact, then the chances are, that your internship company will come to MBA institute campus, or induct you as management trainee when you pass out. Hence, the value of your internship report is immense. Email or call us for choice of topics, guidance, and end to end support for the MBAinternship, BBAinternship.

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