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    PPMP20014 FINAL ASSESSMENT-Case study

    3 Written Assessment
    Assessment Title
    Group Written Assessment
    Task Description
    Your task is to consider:-
    • critically analyse the provided case study showing the the degree of complexity as well as defining its main causes and effects of the uncertainty, interconnections and non technical aspects ;
    • identify and critically analyse the stakeholders involved and how they contribute to the project complexity
    • the scope of the project and the changes took place over the life span. Any issues that has significantly contribute to this complexity
    • the surrounding environmental, political, social and financial aspects of the project
    • the four main complexity parameters including structural, temporal, directional and technical complexity. You need to explain each parameter in light of the case and what is the sources and details of each
    • assessment the level of complexity in this case and provide detail analysis of complexity type using the tools being taught including assessment matrix, radar diagram and others
    • describe what was the impact of the complexity on the project;
    • different tools and techniques to aid a project manager manage this complex project from your own thought;
    • proposing a framework to manage such a complex case and highlight the aspects that can be changed and how.
    You should write an article explaining the above points. You need to thoroughly study the case study, create clear and good understanding, identifying what are the causes and types of complexity, its level and all relevant complexity aspects of the case study. You need to illustrate the theories, tools and techniques that might be relevant to manage this complex projects. Identify and critically analyse the stakeholders. You should use evidences from the real situation to highlight the aspects of complexity. Then you need to propose your own management context on how to respond to better manage the complexity using the knowledge you gained over the course.
    This is group assessment. Random groups will be created and each group will contain 2-3 students (subject to students’ number).
    Each student will be evaluating as well as evaluated by his peers in the same group. Students will be requested to fill in a separate sheet explaining their own contribution as well as their peers. 10% of the whole grades will go for this sheet based on the amount of contribution to ensure fair contribution by all members.
    The primary purpose of this assessment item is to help you to define your thinking and to classify the tools and techniques related for complex project management.
    The secondary purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to enhance your team work, analysis, critical thinking and written communication skills; particularly in the areas of argument development and academic writing.
    Your submission should be a properly constructed academic research article of 5,000 words (excluding references). It should contain abstract, effective introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and conclusions.
    The abstract should summaries your findings in no more than 250 words.
    The introduction should introduce to the article and include your brief relevant information about the case study as well as the objectives.
    The literature should present the evidence you have collected to support your argument, detailed information about the case, relevant previous literature and highlight the problem(s) and uncertainty in the case. The literature review should be integrated into the article
    The methodology should show what has been done to analyse this case and how did you carried out the research/analysis.
    The results should present your findings with critical discussion and the conclusion should restate your argument, summaries the evidence and make a conclusion regarding your argument.
    Each member should attach a sheet showing his contribution and which sections he did contribute with
    APA Reference style should be followed
    NO ZIP file submission
    Assessment PPMP20014 FINAL ASSESSMENT Due Date
    Week 12 Friday (7 Jun. 2019) 11:59 pm AEST
    Return Date to Students
    Assessment will be returned to students prior to confirmation of grades
    Minimum mark or grade
    Assessment Criteria
    This is an GROUP assignment with minimum mark requirements of 50% in order to pass the unit. This assessment has a Minimum Grade of 25 points.
    Your assignment will be assessed on the extent and quality to which it meets each of the following criteria.
    1. Clear understanding of the case study based on thorough review of the case study, its aspects of complexity and the detailed events. Every thing should be specific to the case study(7%)
    2. An explanation of the causes, environments, and properties leading to complexity in this project? Clear detail of the complexity Four main types(8%)
    3. Clear and accurate assessment of the level of complexity, providing relevant complexity radar diagrams. This assessment should include relevant weights and justification for each complexity type, why and how did you calculate this (7%)
    4. Explaining, identifying full list of stakeholders, and critically analyzing the stakeholders involved, their roles, interest and importance (should include stakeholder matrix for all relevant ones) (6%)
    5. A discussion of the tools and techniques to aid the project manager to manage such a complex project? your input why this is complex and what to be done to manage it based on your assessment of the complexity level?(5%)
    6. A clear flow throughout the paper with a clear purpose described in the abstract, introduction and a comprehensive conclusion. the format of the task description in the unit (5%)
    7. Each group will be given 10 minuets to presenting their work and showing the main achievement. Q and A session will follow. Failing to answer clearly and showing a reasonable level of understanding may lead to failing the unit (7%)
    8. Peer assessment based on the level of your contribution was viewed by your peers (team-mates) (5%)
    Referencing Style
    • American Psychological Association (APA)
    Learning Outcomes Assessed
    • Explain the causes, environments, and properties of complex projects.
    • Identify different tools and techniques to aid a project manager manage complex projects.
    • Critically analyse whether different projects cases are complex projects.

    Graduate Attributes PPMP20014 FINAL ASSESSMENT
    • Knowledge
    • Communication
    • Cognitive, technical and creative skills
    • Research
    • Self-management

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