MMK 739- Strategic Brand Management [Woolworths]

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    MMK 739- Strategic Brand Management Woolworths

    # Topic Explanation and indicative word count Mark %

    1 Executive Summary and table of contents

    A summary for the eyes of firm’s top management whose brand you have chosen. Include key issues identified and key

    recommendations made to the management to overcome these issues.

    Executive Summary should be single-spaced, and maximum 1-page.

    Include a table of contents after the Executive Summary to list sections of your report.(not included in word count)5%

    2 Brand Introduction

    A brief introduction to the firm whose brand you have chosen. Provide a background about the brand: its origin and history, entry into the Australian market, and current standing in the Australian marketplace. Also, identify key brand elements (250-300 Words) 10%

    3 Market Description

    What market does your brand compete in? Describe the market by using key statistics like size of the market, growth
    potential, market segments, different layers of market offerings, such as low, mid, high end of product class

    Identify key competitors of your brand.Describe the brand’s target market(s) and the intensity of competition in each market segment.

    If possible, include a perceptual map of your brand versus its key competitors- placing each of these brands on a two

    dimensional perceptual map of key attributes or benefits on which the target market(s) place these brands. Perceptual

    map may be included in the appendix. (250-300 Words)10%

    4 Brand Problem Identification

    In your opinion, what is the problem that your brand is facing? Problem has to be real, important, and relevant to

    the Brand Equity Theory. Support your stated problem with evidence (firm sources, analysts critique,

    news/market/consumer reports/analysis etc.) (250-300Words)15%

    5 Relevant Brand Theories to Analyse the Problem

    Identify the brand theories to which the identified problem relate. Use the relevant brand theories to analyse the brand

    problem. Use extensive sources of information to describe and critically analyse the theories. Use extensive sources to

    explore your brand, and how the identified problem is related to it. (550-600 Words)25%

    6 Recommendations for Management to improve Brand Performance

    What recommendations do you make for management to address the issue that you have identified, and to improve

    the brand performance? Identify relevant brand performance metrics that will be improved. Identify the

    relevant marketing program investments and measures to ensure the quality of marketing programs to drive market

    performance (550-600 words)25%

    7 References and Appendices

    (not included in word count)

    Use Harvard Style Referencing

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