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    Extract from Wired Magazine 21st May 2019
    The UK’s electric car market is in trouble. The public aren’t buying electric cars, and the automotive industry isn’t making them either.

    “A lot of people in government think that the future is electric cars, and that we are going to be at the forefront of the electric car and the autonomous vehicle revolution,” says Andrew Graves, a professor of mechanical engineering at Bath University. But we’re lagging behind.

    A report from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (EAMA) shows that sales of electric cars are seriously lagging behind other European countries. In the first quarter of 2019, total electrical chargeable vehicle registrations – hybrids and fully electric vehicles – increased by just 2.9 per cent, compared to the EU average of 40 per cent. France and Germany registered 10,569 and 15,944 fully electric vehicles respectively; the UK figure is just 5,997.Taken from the publication Wired. Beddingfield, W. (2019)

    Why the UK’s lagging behind in the booming electric car revolution
    Wired 21st May

    The Task.

    As the marketing managerof an existing electric car manufacturer selling in the UK, you have been asked by the Board of Directors to produce an advertising campaign, which uses celebrity endorsement to boost sales in the UK.

    Part A

    You should select an existing UK electric car model and then identify its target audience. You should describe the target audience in detail providing informationin terms of age, gender, income, lifestyles and activities. Once you fully understand the market for the car you have chosen you can then consider a suitable celebrity to use for your campaign. It is essential to do the target market analysis before embarking on the selection of an appropriate celebrity to act as ambassador for the car.

    Once you have chosen your car target market and celebrity you need to:

    1) justify the synergy between the audience and
    the celebrity.
    2) identify the car’score values
    3) attribute a brand personality to your selected car model.This will help differentiateyour car model from the opposition and can be useful in designing your marketing communication message to the target audience.

    Word limit for this section 1000 words.

    Part B:
    In any promotional campaign there is a vast array of tools and media at your disposal to communicate with your audience. The success or failure of a campaign is determined by whether you chose the right message, and deliverit through appropriate media to reach the target audience.

    First, outline what message you intend to convey about the car to your target audience.

    Next, the media you should chose for your campaign are:


    Digital Display Advertising





    You should select more than one media and plan how your campaign will be delivered across these media. Also show how the media scheduling will be organised to ensure maximum impact for your campaign.

    Youwill need to produce a budget plan for a 6-month campaign, scheduled on a Gantt chart, clearly showing the dates and times of events, the budget spend and the tactical activities. The budget should be based on the company’s turnover and previous new car launches.

    The media chosen has to be fully justified as the most suitable for the target audience, along with the cost of each media used for the six months.

    Your costs associated with your celebrity will not be included in the budget for the campaign.

    This section should be no more than 2500 words

    Assignment guidelines
    Part A

    Choose an existing electric car manufacturer; for example Toyota, Nissan, BMW, and then identify the type of model you want to promote. Research the target audience you feel would buy the vehicle and describe the audiences’ characteristics. The choice of celebrity is crucial and the audience who might use or be identified with the model. Also, assign the models core values and brand personality.

    Part B

    You will then need to consider the budget for the campaign and justify why you may want to exceed the budget norms.

    The selection and schedule of the media is crucial.

    If the message (assuming its appropriate for the type of audience)

    doesn’t reach that audience, then the campaign is doomed to failure. Finally, will the message resonate with the target audience and result in a test drive or ultimately purchase of the vehicle.

    Marketing in the Organisation Marketing in the Organisation BSP029 Semester 1

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