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August 18, 2018
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August 26, 2018

Content auditing and content marketing for Indian educational institutions

Content auditing and content marketing for Indian educational institutions


Content marketing is now a well known fact and internet based content is king. Content auditing and content marketing for Indian educational institutions helps to attract huge volume of online users. The owners of official education websites are therefore need to create online content in the form of text, audio, video. The core issue is that content in the online presence (website, blog, social media) is enabling the organisations to attract the potential target market population….students for admission. Online content marketing is the only choice to build educational brands who want to achieve the best value in order to target students as customer. Offering ready information using content is delivering value based customer relationships. For the last decade, the websites have been using content to affect their marketing side. This is because it plays an important role in the digital marketing helping to build university brand awareness, engage audience online. This is a strategy to shift the traditional educational marketing methods to digital marketing techniques where the reach, response is online and instant. Content in any form therefore helps the Indian college, Indian university brand to spread the best value to the audience. Content can be in the form of messages, advice, tips, information etc., that is aimed at aspirants applying to Indian university, or even the existing batch of students. The online digital marketing for education institute depends on three distinct processes-   Attract, interact and convert. The content marketing plays a natural role in function of attraction of new students, engage through interaction and meaningfully conversions through words, pictures, videos creating engagement with the Indian university brand image. Therefore, web content marketing services for education institutions pays help to create a brand, pre-admissions leading to maximum impact on the admission aspirants, reducing Indian university marketing costs.

Content Marketing is the future of marketing effectiveness in Indian educational institutions context. The result of content marketing for your educational institution will finally lead to a greater impact on your target market/ audience. Using social media tools for promoting Indian universities … to define your area of target market, and position the content to attract fresh enquires about different academic programs in Indian universities, online visitors to Indian university websites, footfalls to Indian university campuses.

Specifically, there are some key goals and benefits for the Indian colleges, Indian universities that can use content marketing aggressively as the competition to attract brightest and best students is hotting up. The Indian colleges can increase in university brochure sales, increase the university brand awareness, drastically reduce university marketing costs (traditional print media). It can also boost your Online Marketing presences through different social media channels, improve reputation of Indian education institution from the parents and alumni, divert the Google search based enquiries into online traffic and lead generation for Indian education institution.

We at EDUHELPCENTRAL, offer web content marketing services for education institutions, webanalytics services based on SEO, with content auditing for your university website, institute website and exploiting the further possibilities of improvement. Our content marketing plans is budget friendly, timed at specific occasions like pre-admissions period every year, to create maximum impact on the admission aspirants. Call us for a dedicated content creation exercise demo for a month, to build online branding of Indian colleges, or create brand followers for your university.

We also offer video content of university to showcase the university annual day, college convocation embed them in your official education institution websites to attract the future students. We aim to deliver the best value to attract the users who can generate discussion based interactions within University website pages. In SEO angle, any Indian university website with a lot of discussions on diverse topics can easily rank well in Google search engine results. Therefore annual content auditing of University content websites is a must for universities in order to attract fresh talent, score high on placements, or in industry outreach programme, or even MDP (management development programme) by faculties. We specialise in pre-admissions digital campaign every year, to create maximum impact on the admission aspirants. 

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