Common problems Assignmentshelp4u have come across in students final submission in universities

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August 26, 2018
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August 29, 2018

Common problems Assignmentshelp4u have come across in students final submission in universities

All university  students need to experience problems with university assignment or dissertation writing.  However, they ought to know that it is a complex process, dependent on a complex mixture of skills. The students are constantly being challenged by high learning curve and apply the relevant models, theories, in the tasks. When the students are confront in the first year of transition period, for example from highschool to university, or from coursework to higher degree research study they face a great challenge. The same issue is true for an international student studying in foreign universities as studying in their first language (native mother tongue) and then having to study in English, in a higher education course demands on writing skills. This is a new stress which university students often found not to be able to cope up. The new situation,higher level of knowledge, different teaching style, application based case studies can be very challenging indeed.  EduhelpCentral department called Assignmentshelp4u therefore have compiled the following problems drawn from their decade old experience in guiding students in assignments. The following are the professor’s comments that students are likely to receive.

Purpose-Your assignment is nothing like a business report. It looks more like an entry from an encyclopedia. Although a business report does define and explain some things, it does much more than this.  You should follow the structure and style that are set out in the Subject Outline.

Relevance- This is a well-written piece but it does not address the question that was set – it is full of lots of interesting pieces of information but much of it is not relevant to the topic. You have only referred to one of the key sources in this topic area. There are at least three other main aspects to this topic that you should have referred to also – see the Subject Outline for a list of references to start with.

Analytical and critical perspective-Your essay wandered all over the place until the end, so there were many conflicting points in it. If you had redrafted it once you had worked out your eventual line of argument, your essay would have been much stronger and easier to read.

Your summaries of each theory show that you understand them well, but I also want to see your critical analysis of these different theories, and your evaluations of them – for example, how are they similar to or different from each other? How useful are the theories in explaining the actual case?

Supporting evidence-You seem to have a good general knowledge about this topic, but in academic writing you need to substantiate your statements and claims with evidence from reputable authoritative sources. This is an important process for challenging and extending your knowledge.

I want to know firstly if you understand these concepts, so you need to write about them in your own words. But secondly, you are learning about writing in a scholarly way, and so you need to acknowledge other people’s ideas and wordings – if you don’t do this appropriately, you may be committing plagiarism.

Structure- This assignment required you to write in an academic style, whereas you have used quite a lot of slang and everyday language instead of the more technical language of the discipline.

Language accuracy-Your assignment is difficult to read because of your poor punctuation and spelling. You must improve these aspects of your writing because they are fundamental to communicating effectively in business environments.

Presentation-You need to present your assignment much more professionally than this – there are many errors which you could have easily found if you had taken the trouble to proofread it.


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