Best Career counselling in Kolkata Near me

March 5, 2022
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June 4, 2022

Best Career counselling in Kolkata Near me

Best Career counselling in Kolkata Near me

Everyone wants a guidance in their educational career and even in the job. The question is now, which is the best Career counselling in Kolkata Near me? The gap in the knowledge and fragmented career choices in life that is not taking anywhere, is perhaps the only reason the individuals seek for career counselling.  Well in a virtual world, anybody guiding me towards the right career direction with justifications is what is needed. Therefore, searching for the Best Career counselling in Kolkata not necessarily has to be next door but the option of virtual Career counselling in Kolkata during COVID19 has emerged strongly. The market trend in career counselling in Kolkata is now online career help services, that pertains to class 10 school counselling, class 12 school counselling, or even decisions dilemmas in Bachelor’s degree in India. The need for the school student career counselling in Kolkata is high, as exploring the best available career choices for arts student, career choices for commerce student, career choices for science student helps a lot. It is about a direction where do you want to go in your career, what to do in school to college transition period? There are many questions in the school student’s mind, which emerge during their board examination results. It may be positive or negative against their expectation sets, and hence, seeking career counselling help for school student counselling, or searching for Class XII career counselling, or even help for Bachelor degree admission in India is sought by the worried parents in India. Time is vital, as missing the opportunity to apply for admission in colleges in India, leads to a career mistake. There has to be a plan B ready for student career that would help to get admission in college without year drop.

If I am you, the early I ask for career counselling,  it keeps me in control, within career direction while, if I don’t know where I am going, it is a goal less student life and student career. While there are many career counsellors in Kolkata, I found that some offer basic career counselling service in Kolkata, there are few careers counselling centres in Kolkata that offer student psychometric testing (personality test, behavioural test). I would recommend any student or professional career counsellor to choose someone, who have degree in Psychology this is my personal opinion or POV. I tend to think as personality impacts the choice of career, as I am introvert during school student and will join college, I have found that teaching profession suits me, apart from other options that offers more peaceful life in my future career and occupation. I did have alternate choice to seek higher degrees as I am ambitious too in my career. So there are a range of factors that is essential to be considered before final decision making for careers is made. Overall as a best practice in choosing career counselling may be to look at their feedback or Google Rating, social media, word of mouth, and call two or more career counsellors to know about their approach and not their counselling fees. I also found that career counselling in Kolkata with parents, is good practice only with GoogleMeet career counselling in kolkata. Options like career counselling in bengali or English or Hindi is also good practice in couselling. Finding Best Career counselling in Kolkata Near me was tough choice, but I was lucky, its time you get one, get personality analysis done, move ahead in your career.

Call/Whatsapp for Career Couselling appointment : +91.8013000664

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