Australian university enrollments in 2017 is strong and positive

Australian Student VISA: EDUHELPCENTRAL primer
September 16, 2017

Australian university enrollments in 2017 is strong and positive

Australia as a country as per EDUHELPCENTRAL research team, has been consistently performing well in attracting the international students into its universities. The figures for 2017 shows overwhelming 14% growth in the international enrolment arena is shown below.

The biggest gainers this year uptil now is  China (18%), Malaysia (18%), Nepal (47%), and Brazil (26%). ABS reports that the total value of international student brings in to their country is tuition fees, accommodation, and allied expenses which in the last year 2016 reached AUS$24 billion.  The Australian side analysts reported that in just four markets comprising of China, India, Nepal, and Vietnam, they contributed the maximum applications and confirmed seats in the Australian universities. This source market has been growing when compared to the last year with  – drove nearly all of the growth in higher education. The Australian international student officers guide the inbound students to be aware of Australian culture, calendar, while assisting them in finding the nearest accommodation to the university.  The surprising and emerging markets for Australia, is Nepal (10,000 commencements YTD and 83% growth), Malaysia (also with about 10,000 new students and 18% growth), and Colombia (just over 7,000 commencements and 26% growth). In 2017, thus the forces which are shaping in international admissions trends is varied, while Australia as a destination, offering choices of courses have been consistently ranking in the top two destinations. It is  the choice of many progressive thinking spirants and students as international education from Australia offers many platforms for the students to progress in life.

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