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Australian Student VISA: EDUHELPCENTRAL primer

Australia Student Visa sample: Some of the key points you should know.

Australian Student Visa allows you to study and work in Australia.

How to apply for a Student Visa?

The cost of this visa is $ 535 Australian, payable with credit card directly on the Australian immigration website.

Can I work with a Student Visa?

This visa allows you to work legally part time (up to 40 hours every 2 weeks) during courses period and full time during course pauses.
Part-time work in Australia (4-5 hours per day) is really well paid and available everywhere.

Student Visa is the only visa that:

  • lets you easily enter Australia with the possibility to work legally if you have already turned 31 years;
  • can include family members: spouse and children as dependents. Go Study staff can provide consultancy also for these needs;
  • allows to enter and work in Australia those who have a high risk passport. (Assessment Level 2, 3, 4).

So if you are a student in the following categories apply now:



EDUHELPCENTRAL identified three reasons of cancelled VISAS:

  • “Course hopping,” where the student transfers to an unaccredited institution on arrival in Australia.
  • Ghost students,” where the student neglects to show up at their university
  • Recruitment of non-genuine students by agents, including the use of falsified English test results and financial documentation

Out of the 404,000 student visas issued in Australia in 2014, 7,061 in 2014 stands cancelled.

Stepping up scrutiny

Australian officials and educators, meanwhile, are taking steps to increase the scrutiny for new applicants and to better identify non-genuine students

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